First, let me tell what this article is not. This is not a discussion of whether Christians should or should not have voted for Trump, or even whether they should currently support him. Neither is it a discussion of any of his policies. Rather, I want to pose a thought on a particular aspect of Trump’s presidency, namely, his morally sinful conduct, and the pro-Trump evangelical response, or lack thereof.

My argument is essentially built on the premise that (1) Trump has stated that he is a Christian (2) many evangelicals voted for Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign (3) a number of well-known evangelicals publicly supported Trump during his campaign,* and (4) Trump has admitted to and/or strong evidence has supported conduct diametrically opposed to the biblical mandate.

Here is my thought: due to the number of evangelicals who supported Trump during his campaign and voted for him, and since he has stated that he is a Christian, the natural conclusion drawn by those who are not Christians is that his conduct, unless they specifically hear otherwise, is supported by evangelical Christians.

Thus, I believe it is necessary for more evangelicals, particularly those who were/are supportive of Trump, to speak against his morally sinful behaviour.

In fact, the conclusion that Trump was the best candidate, out of the options given, for the presidency (or even still is) is not mutually exclusive to speaking against his morally sinful conduct.** I actually think it’s all the more important.

The reason for this call is simply that I am concerned many are seeing a double-standard from the evangelical community. Those that supposedly believe all people are inherently valuable in the sight of God, no matter what age/race/gender, will publicly speak against someone that supports the abortion of unborn children, but will not do the same when a person makes racially derogatory remarks because that person states they follow Jesus.

If, as evangelical Christians, we want to be taken more seriously within public ethical discussions, and if we do not want our witness hindered, and disrepute brought on the name of Christ, I believe it is necessary for us to be more vocal about the conduct of the President of the United States that is contrary to the teachings of Scripture.

*e.g. Wayne Grudem, Norman Geisler, and James Dobson.

** I make no comment as to whether this is my own conclusion, but rather I’m speaking about the logic behind it.


(Photo credit of Donald J. Trump: Gage Skidmore)