We all know how difficult it is to stay in the loop with everything that goes on. Each week more worthwhile articles, podcasts, videos, books, and more resources, are produced than are possible for us to keep up with. So, in light of this, here’s a roundup of things you may have missed recently.


Should Christians Watch It?
Already one of the most popular R-rated films in American cinema history, It has become a cultural phenomenon. But what should the Church think about this? Tony Reinke from Desiring God interviews Brian Godawa about why he believes Christians should watch It and other horror films. As the two disagree on this issue, it makes for an interesting discussion.

Nabeel Qureshi (1983-2017)
Last Saturday brought the sad news that after a year-long struggle with cancer, Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi had passed away. Justin Taylor offers a comprehensive look at his life and legacy.

Martin Luther & The Amazon Echo
This is by far the best commemoration of the 500th anniversary of The Reformation that I have seen yet. What a time to be alive.

Campuses into Church Plants
The Village Church in Texas, pastored by Matt Chandler, recently announced that they will be transitioning all of their campuses into independent churches by 2022 in an effort to build the Kingdom even more. Pray for them as they move forward with this.


Look at The Book
If you’re not familiar with this series of videos by seasoned pastor and expositor John Piper, they’re a great way of learning how to read & interpret the Bible well by observing someone else do it. This week John Piper looks at Philippians 1:12-14 and “conquering fear by looking at God.”

The Bible Project – Luke 19-23
Tim Mackie & Jon Collins continue their commentary on The Gospel of Luke with another beautifully animated video.

Why Are There So Many Interpretations of the Bible?
Robert Plummer, professor of New Testament and Greek at Southern Seminary, and one of my favourite authors and teachers, answers this common question.


Indoubt Episode 088: Godly Productivity with Tim Challies
Indoubt, an apologetics podcast, explores what godly productivity looks like in this new episode with pastor, author, and blogger, Tim Challies. Having read Challies book Do More Better, on the subject, I can testify that he has a lot of insight into this topic.

Tool Talk
A new podcast (they’re only seven episodes in) that many pastors & students will find helpful is Tool Talk by Exegetical Tools. Exegetical Tools has been on my radar for a while and with the creation of their videos going through books of the Greek New Testament a few verses at a time they’ve established themselves as an incredibly helpful resource and ministry. Their new podcast is no exception.

My Book Shelf

  • StartedWheelock’s Latin textbook – we’ll see how long it lasts.
  • Started: The ESV Reader’s Gospels – I can’t recommend this highly enough. One word: immersive.
  • Started: SPQR, a history of ancient Rome – to early to tell, but it’s highly rated so I’m optimistic.
  • Finished: That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis – weird. Didn’t like it as Perelandra or Out of the Silent Planet.